Citizens for Responsible Spending (CRS) with participation by NEBA Board members participated in a private-sector assessment of recovery efforts after Hurricane Hermine swiped Tallahassee in September of 2016.  CRS appointed a Post-Hurricane Recovery Task Force chaired by former Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp, and J. Sam Bell, P.E. (Ret.) as the Vice Chair.

On the Task Force were four NEBA members:

  • Bert Bevis, NEBA’s Immediate Past President
  • Will Croley, NEBA’s President-elect
  • Emily Fritz, NEBA Board member
  •  Tom Napier, former NEBA President

The Task Force produced a 10-page document that highlights recommendations from the 16-member Task Force in the areas of Chain-of-Command, Communications, and Priorities.  These areas were all explored through three internal task force work groups:  Before the Storm, During the Storm, and After the Storm.

Download the final report and recommendations here or by clicking the image below.