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Posted On June 07, 2016

NEBA President Barney Bishop on Change in Minimum Wage Rules

NEBA President Barney Bishop was quoted in the Tallahassee Democrat on the new minimum wage rules:

Barney Bishop, president of the Network for Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates and president and CEO of Barney Bishop Consulting LLC, said:

"This new proposed federal edict will be another nail in the coffin of small businesses. Tallahassee businesses have already been hit this year with a 13 percent increase in their property taxes and an increase in the fire tax thanks to the City Commission, and the state minimum wage is indexed to increase automatically every year. We can’t afford to keep logrolling these taxes and expect our small businesses to prosper and create new jobs.

This new rule will more than double the salary of eligible workers from $455 to $913 per week, and without a concomitant increase in productivity, this will make it even more difficult for business owners who risk everything to start a business, to turn a profit. Add in the new Obamacare regulations and we’re witnessing a perfect storm that will stifle our economy."

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