The Network of Entrepreneur’s & Business Advocates was founded in 1991 when a diverse group of businesses and professionals originally united as the North East Business Association, Inc.  At the time Capital Circle was being widened and businesses were being hurt by the lack of ingress and egress to their respective stores.  Getting that fixed wasn’t easy, but they persevered and 25 years later, NEBA is as strong as ever.

NEBA today, has over 250 members, mostly business owners but also their employees, who meet monthly on the fourth Tuesday of every month (except for December) at the Capital City Country Club to hear speakers or candidates running for office.  This dovetails nicely with the goals of NEBA which is to keep business people appraised of what’s going on in their community and to rally them when our collective voice needs to be heard.

And NEBA’s voice has been heard on many occasions in the past such as when the county wanted to implement a new health care tax, or when the city wanted to increase the property tax millage rate beyond 3.7 mills.  When NEBA members show up to a community meeting, elected officials know they’ll hear the unvarnished truth!

NEBA is still today the only business association in Leon County that will take a tough position on a controversial issue, and we don’t wait until the issue is about to be decided.  Our representatives monitor all county and city commission meetings and agenda’s so that our members will know about the issues that are about to impact their business or their lives.

During election years, NEBA provides candidate forums on every important race from the US Congress, state legislature, city and county commission, Constitutional officers, school superintendent and school board races.  NEBA also profiles Constitutional Amendment issues like Hometown Democracy and Medical Marijuana.

NEBA is also the only business association in Leon County that has an affiliated Political Action Committee that endorses candidates running for elective office.  NEBA PAC is our vehicle to help business owners to use their collective monies to let others in Leon County know where the business community is on a particular race.  NEBA PAC will be making their first endorsements in the 2016 election cycle.

If you want to be a part of a vibrant and astute organization that will educate you on issues confronting us on a daily basis, we encourage you to join NEBA today!